Update oct 1 2015

 Due to the changes in the FAA rules to require sports pilot license and N numbering 

The Polaris ultra lights are no longer coming into the USA If you are looking to buy get it now!!

 With the fall of the US dollar they would have to sell for $45,000 if they were being imported any more 

Be sure they are Numbered as if they are not they are not covered under the US rules and can only be sold for parts.

Only one N # demo unit left priced to sell to first serious buyer at just $24,995

Cash flyes bull walkes 


Flying Boat.info is the online flying boat resource.

The Flying Boat, known as a FIB, is an experimental hydro-trike ultra-light designed for one to two people. Consisting of a stronger hang-glider assembled to a stainless steel structure, attached to an inflatable boat with a fiberglass hull and powered by a Rotax ultra-light engine, this flying personal watercraft has an out standing safety record. The practicality of using this vehicle as a flight trainer has become evident and now the Fib is the latest in personal flying vehicles.

FIB Specifications